Painting of a Body Paint...

Halloween fever gripped me (a little belatedly).

I'm going to buy some body paint soon, so was inspired to try out some ideas for future body paints =]
This was done in Acrylic. Soon it will be with Snazaroo or Diamond FX or whatever body paint I can afford. Happy Late Halloween everybody!  


Bingo Bango...Bongo

Still trying to reconcile with Illustrator, I drew a Bongo. Bongos are cool, and are now my favourite African Herbivore. Yeah you read correctly! Viva les Bongos!


Horse Trotting WIP

Animating a horse. This is ok so far I think, obviously a lot of stuff needs tidying up. I want to exaggerate the leg bends a bit more too...


A Wordle thingee...

I like that in my blog the most often used word is 'Please' :D STOP BEING SO POLITE KATE JEEZ. Nah, politeness is cool.

Wordle: Happikat Blog


The Ballad Of Bad Horse - Animated!

Finally: IT'S DONE. It's finished, it's uploaded, it took ages, so please please please please PLEASE watch, share, like, comment, email to long-lost pals etc, my new short animated film. Probably won't make sense if you don't know Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. But please watch it anyway! There's Cowboys and Horses in it :D

Made in Flash CS5. Learnt a lot from this, and had fun too. Wonder what my next animated short project will be? Ah, I don't have to wonder, I know. TMI! Watch this space.


Hey Nicki Hey Nicki!

Today I drew a picture of Nicki Minaj. That is all.


Cowboy and Cowgirl :D

COWBOY AND COWGIRL Gonna herd your cows and drink your whiskey!

Gonna be releasing my cowboy-related mini film soon... tell your friends. :D



Painting! Tigers! Women! That's all I like.


Angry Gallop!

I animated a horse, hooray! It dawned on me a few hours in to this that I'd never animated a horse before. Well I don't think I have... My brain is fried right now, so maybe I have. There's some stuff going wrong in this but to be honest, I don't want to look at it any more, and I like what's going right in it. HOORAY FOR HORSES!

Animated in Flashhhhh, the more I get the program the more I like it. It still manages to kick me in the boobs every now and then though.

Hopefully more animation to follow to fill out my new reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel



I decided it's high time I learnt some Proper Illustrator Stuff. A mishmash of tutorials lead to this. I'm well pleased because it's so much better than any of my other attempts! Illustrator is a tricksy program, but I'm gonna beat it... Damnit if I can tame Cel Action I can tame you Illustrator!!! I love Pugs, especially ones in tuxedos. Now time for some lunch and some sunshine!


Holy Dual Wielding Pickaxes!

Here's a test illustration I did for Wyrd Games, ( and I suppose Kate's first foray into game concept art! Hopefully there will be more, but who knows. Fingers crossed! I think it would be awesome to get to draw game characters for a living. *adds to list of things to achieve*


The start of a new sketchbook!

I think it always bodes well when the first sketchbook page is a half decent image, it hints at the possibility of cooler things to come! Pen and marker fun this be.


Graffitti GRRRL

GRAFFITTI GRRRL FIGHTS CRIME BY TAGGING... and... stuff. Been drawing, designing and animating my butt off today! Feel the creative force! Feel it!!!



HOWDY HEY! Been trying to learn this whole new-fangled 'Digital Painting' I've heard so much about. I'm talking no pencil lines in the finished product, just like... full on digital...stuff. Ahem.

I watched a few tutorials for this, the most useful one was mostly about how much you can edit brushes and what all the different doofers in the brush settings do. It took me until I was about 15 hours in to figure out how to make the brushes work for me in a way I could control and do half-decently. When I got over that hurdle, things began to speed up and get fun, which is like... whooo!! I've got my WIPs all up in here. I think they're interesting, because I like seeing progress mostly! Also I'm really glad I didn't go for the crazy Gaga flamethrower boobs I had drawn in the first sketch... baby steps...



MILKY D Storyboards

Sup folks! I've been drawing a lot recently, hurray! Bits o' painting, designing and boarding. Boarding has been fun! This is the start of a very stupid idea I had for a short animated film. I don't plan on making it, but felt it was a good exercise to board something that originated from my weird head.

The whole idea basically revolves around the fact that my housemate was rather partial to Nurishment and how I thought Yazoo was a really gay sounding milk drink...



Here is a comic I did for issue #2 for Bear Pit Zine... a loooong time ago. I kinda forgot all about it! Enjoy, a true story about what happened to me one summer when I was a kid.*

*(All true, apart from the lies...)


'Walk This Way' business cards and flyers

I got commissioned to do some business cards/posters for a dog walking business in Boston, MA. (international FUNZIES!!!) An absolute joy of a project to work on, I loved giving each dog its own personality :D

The first picture is the main artwork which reoccurs thoughout the 'set', followed by the business card back and some details of the smaller doggies. Pugs are awesome, so I had to include one in there. All o' this was inked and coloured in Photoshop.

And finally the original rough sketch. I always like to keep my sketches to see all the little changes and improvements that go on in a drawing. You can see the sausage dog didn't make it into the final piece, poor lil' guy.