Halloween Face Paintery

So I didn't go out out for this year's Halloween... but that's no excuse to not face paint! A colourful skull type creature! Happy late hallloooooowwweeeeen!


Kate Dean!

"Draw me!" Said Kate Dean. So I did. Kate (a.k.a. Spinklesparks) is an amazing body painter, artist and friend :]

You can check out her stuff here:


Tiger Wolf

First painting from my week off.. let the creativity fly! :D


Hooray, I finished a personl project. Just paint some cats, for fun. Really pleased with how these came out. All done in watercolours, charcoal, and a little dab of ink pen.

Here they are in a neat little row!

And here they are individually:


Tiger Watercolour

Painted a tiger today, it's been ages since I drew one... I used to draw them a lot (because tigers are complete badasses.) Watercolour and some kind of charcoal pencil thing.

I also deserve extra credit as this was painted without using my icky infected index finger. Yeah!