2011 Animation Showreely

Kate Derrick 2011 Showreel from Kater Derrick on Vimeo.

Welcome to this year's showreel!
Featuring my most recent animation working on "Poppy Cat" at King Rollo Films and "Iconicles" at Dinamo Productions. Both of those shows were made in Cel Action. Also on the reel is some Flash work and some hand drawn 2D stuff from uni. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for viewing :D


TRUE LOVE in Photoshop!

I've been trying to brush up on my Photoshop skills, since I'm much more comfortable painting, uh... normally... rather than digitally. This is the first thing I've inked in Photoshop too, which was surprisingly fun! I'm pretty happy with it, I've learnt a lot about blending and making custom brushes. Next time I'll try to do something with stronger lighting and more texture I think, but for now, I'm happy with my improvements. Peace out!


Flash, Ahhh!

Marv is a stupid bird. In my head he falls off of his little plateau before his mommy gets home or his siblings hatch, because he is stupid. Made in Flash, some practice for me using tweeeeens. My next anim I hope to do something tweeny and frame by frame... hopefully it will be good.

My my it is HOT TODAY!