Last Day At Boardworks...

Christmas is so close and of course it's super pouring with rain. It's my last day at Boardworks! In 2014 I will no longer be their Digital Designer, Illustrating, Animating and Graphic-Designing in a variety of ways to help children learn with interactive software. Next year I will be moving to London to work at Tiger Aspect for Series 2 or Mr. Bean, which is still blowing my mind with a mixture of PURE EXCITEMENT and omg fear. 

Here is some stuff I did for BW GCSE Computing in the summer. Robby the Robot and his sidekick (bandmate?) Edwin feature in both KS3 and 4 ICT/Computing I think, I'm honoured to know that some of my characters will continue their noble mission of educating teh kidz after I've left BW!

Daft Punk's new album had just come out when I got the brief to draw them as a rock band (with fictional album cover,) so I was delighted when the Editor gave me the go-ahead to spoof Random Access Memories.

Ahhh goodtimes. Boardworks, Imma miss you.