Nerdy Valentines

I'm so obsessed with Undertale right now. It was the inspiration for this little Valentine's Day drawing, me and Rob as Greater Dog and Lesser Dog.

Also here are some bonus nerdy Valentine's placemat designs... because nerds.


Christmas Kittens!

A lovely commission for my lovely cousin + cuz-in-law across the pond. Their little KitKat! I love little watercolour doohickeys like these. I put in the UK Kitkat logo, just because I'm pernickety like that :D


Nadiya wins Bake Off!

So like most of the UK population I got a little obsessed with The Great British Bake Off. Nadiya is a winner and a complete hero! So I drew her and some of her signature bakes. :)

Watercolour Gifts!

For my final month working on Bean, I stayed with some seriously lovely folks. Here are the thank you cards I sent once production was all over!


Behind the Scenes of Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

I've been working on series 2 of Mr. Bean: The Animated Series since February 2014. Here are some videos from the Mr. Bean Youtube channel which detail how we made the series at Tiger Aspect!

The Story Of Mr. Bean:

The Production Crew: (I'm in this one!)

Storyboard to Full Animation- "Fish Sitting":

Storyboard to Full Animation- "Litterbugs":

Rowan Atkinson Voice Recording Session:

A Day in the Animation Studios:

That's a lot of Behind-The-Scenes-Bean! If there's more videos, I'll post them here.
Happy Sunday!


Mr. Bean The Animated Series- NEW episode out Feb 16th!

Since February 2014, I've been working on Mr Bean: The Animated Series with a tremendous bunch of very talented and wonderful people! And it's been a blast.

The first episode from the new series will be aired on CITV at 9.25am and 4.15pm. The episode is called "Home Movie", which is one of the episodes I worked on. Very exciting!


Pug sketches

I wanted to start making an animatic today for my new personal project, but crazy, non-stop crashing Flash soon put an end to that. :(

So, instead, ended up doing some character sketches.


Halloween Face Paintery

So I didn't go out out for this year's Halloween... but that's no excuse to not face paint! A colourful skull type creature! Happy late hallloooooowwweeeeen!


Kate Dean!

"Draw me!" Said Kate Dean. So I did. Kate (a.k.a. Spinklesparks) is an amazing body painter, artist and friend :]

You can check out her stuff here:


Tiger Wolf

First painting from my week off.. let the creativity fly! :D


Hooray, I finished a personl project. Just paint some cats, for fun. Really pleased with how these came out. All done in watercolours, charcoal, and a little dab of ink pen.

Here they are in a neat little row!

And here they are individually:


Tiger Watercolour

Painted a tiger today, it's been ages since I drew one... I used to draw them a lot (because tigers are complete badasses.) Watercolour and some kind of charcoal pencil thing.

I also deserve extra credit as this was painted without using my icky infected index finger. Yeah!


Last Day At Boardworks...

Christmas is so close and of course it's super pouring with rain. It's my last day at Boardworks! In 2014 I will no longer be their Digital Designer, Illustrating, Animating and Graphic-Designing in a variety of ways to help children learn with interactive software. Next year I will be moving to London to work at Tiger Aspect for Series 2 or Mr. Bean, which is still blowing my mind with a mixture of PURE EXCITEMENT and omg fear. 

Here is some stuff I did for BW GCSE Computing in the summer. Robby the Robot and his sidekick (bandmate?) Edwin feature in both KS3 and 4 ICT/Computing I think, I'm honoured to know that some of my characters will continue their noble mission of educating teh kidz after I've left BW!

Daft Punk's new album had just come out when I got the brief to draw them as a rock band (with fictional album cover,) so I was delighted when the Editor gave me the go-ahead to spoof Random Access Memories.

Ahhh goodtimes. Boardworks, Imma miss you. 



I kinda liked the expression in this sketch thing I drew today.


Life Drawing in Dublin

I went to Dublin a little while ago to visit animator and buddy Todd Setter
It was nice to go to a life drawing class on holiday, and I was pleased with some of the drawings my hand came up with:

Whilst staying in Ireland I was staying in a house with this awesome barrel-chested feline, Cougar. He was very friendly and showed you his appreciation in the form of quite forceful headbutts...


Advancing Behance

 Hello folks,

A quick note to say that I've been tidying up my stuff on Behance, so now it is all fresh and shiny for you to take a look at. New animations uploaded and I've posted up a Graphic Design section too! Go see, click below:

Updated Behance Portfolio

Here is a mini Heisenberg Shrine I made with fellow illustrator Rob Smyth:

Cheers folks!


If You Like Ukulele Lady... Ukulele Lady Like-a Yoouuuuu

Heh, I did not know this was a Bette Midler song until I just googled the lyrics.

Combining my two hobbies of drawing and ukelele-ing! Ukulele Lady is a song I sometimes play with the grand Oxford Ukuleles group. I tried to get a little Uke-nerdy with this picture and make all the ukes fairly accurate. The one at the bottom is my ukulele :D

I saw the splendor of the moonlight... in Honoluuuuuuluuuu Baaaaaay

Still trying to get this digital painting thang... Progress is being made; sweet, tasty progress.


It Is Rob's Birthday. (on the 11th)

A stupid card for Rob because he likes Ostriches, and apparently giving people the finger.
A quick doodley-doo in Flash.


Horse Trotting!

A horse trot cycle animated in Flash for funzies. :D


Work Fun!

Sometimes at work, usually when someone leaves ( =[ ) I'm asked to draw a leaving present for them. This is always awesome and super fun, which almost makes me wish more people would leave. (Almost!!! I don't want to get lonely...)

Here's a selection of stuff I've drawn for work funzies:

Present for the Publishing Director's leaving do (A brief history of Boardworks):

For the departure of a Marketeer who's off to travel sunny places:

...And for the Marketeers that stayed behind: