Last Day At Boardworks...

Christmas is so close and of course it's super pouring with rain. It's my last day at Boardworks! In 2014 I will no longer be their Digital Designer, Illustrating, Animating and Graphic-Designing in a variety of ways to help children learn with interactive software. Next year I will be moving to London to work at Tiger Aspect for Series 2 or Mr. Bean, which is still blowing my mind with a mixture of PURE EXCITEMENT and omg fear. 

Here is some stuff I did for BW GCSE Computing in the summer. Robby the Robot and his sidekick (bandmate?) Edwin feature in both KS3 and 4 ICT/Computing I think, I'm honoured to know that some of my characters will continue their noble mission of educating teh kidz after I've left BW!

Daft Punk's new album had just come out when I got the brief to draw them as a rock band (with fictional album cover,) so I was delighted when the Editor gave me the go-ahead to spoof Random Access Memories.

Ahhh goodtimes. Boardworks, Imma miss you. 



I kinda liked the expression in this sketch thing I drew today.


Life Drawing in Dublin

I went to Dublin a little while ago to visit animator and buddy Todd Setter
It was nice to go to a life drawing class on holiday, and I was pleased with some of the drawings my hand came up with:

Whilst staying in Ireland I was staying in a house with this awesome barrel-chested feline, Cougar. He was very friendly and showed you his appreciation in the form of quite forceful headbutts...


Advancing Behance

 Hello folks,

A quick note to say that I've been tidying up my stuff on Behance, so now it is all fresh and shiny for you to take a look at. New animations uploaded and I've posted up a Graphic Design section too! Go see, click below:

Updated Behance Portfolio

Here is a mini Heisenberg Shrine I made with fellow illustrator Rob Smyth:

Cheers folks!


If You Like Ukulele Lady... Ukulele Lady Like-a Yoouuuuu

Heh, I did not know this was a Bette Midler song until I just googled the lyrics.

Combining my two hobbies of drawing and ukelele-ing! Ukulele Lady is a song I sometimes play with the grand Oxford Ukuleles group. I tried to get a little Uke-nerdy with this picture and make all the ukes fairly accurate. The one at the bottom is my ukulele :D

I saw the splendor of the moonlight... in Honoluuuuuuluuuu Baaaaaay

Still trying to get this digital painting thang... Progress is being made; sweet, tasty progress.


It Is Rob's Birthday. (on the 11th)

A stupid card for Rob because he likes Ostriches, and apparently giving people the finger.
A quick doodley-doo in Flash.


Emily Haughton Business Cards

Here are the front and back designs for business cards for Emily Haughton, a professional flautist and teacher. She wanted something cute and memorable to give out to prospective clients/ school pupils. I really enjoyed drawing the little bird, it's almost sequential, he hears the music on the front and sings along on the back! :D

Emily's website is here:
You can follow her on twitter too!


Horse Trotting!

A horse trot cycle animated in Flash for funzies. :D


Work Fun!

Sometimes at work, usually when someone leaves ( =[ ) I'm asked to draw a leaving present for them. This is always awesome and super fun, which almost makes me wish more people would leave. (Almost!!! I don't want to get lonely...)

Here's a selection of stuff I've drawn for work funzies:

Present for the Publishing Director's leaving do (A brief history of Boardworks):

For the departure of a Marketeer who's off to travel sunny places:

...And for the Marketeers that stayed behind:


124A- Vos Non Creditis

This pic was a leaving present for two of my housemates who are returning home to Brazil. I'm going to miss them like crazy, but maybe a cartoon of us will help dull the pain...

Vos Non Creditis = rough google translate of "You Don't Believe!" in Latin. This was the main catchphrase of the house. Good times!

This was drawn by me, coloured by Rob Smyth:


Painting of a Body Paint...

Halloween fever gripped me (a little belatedly).

I'm going to buy some body paint soon, so was inspired to try out some ideas for future body paints =]
This was done in Acrylic. Soon it will be with Snazaroo or Diamond FX or whatever body paint I can afford. Happy Late Halloween everybody!  


Bingo Bango...Bongo

Still trying to reconcile with Illustrator, I drew a Bongo. Bongos are cool, and are now my favourite African Herbivore. Yeah you read correctly! Viva les Bongos!


Horse Trotting WIP


Animating a horse. This is ok so far I think, obviously a lot of stuff needs tidying up. I want to exaggerate the leg bends a bit more too...


A Wordle thingee...

I like that in my blog the most often used word is 'Please' :D STOP BEING SO POLITE KATE JEEZ. Nah, politeness is cool.

Wordle: Happikat Blog


The Ballad Of Bad Horse - Animated!

Finally: IT'S DONE. It's finished, it's uploaded, it took ages, so please please please please PLEASE watch, share, like, comment, email to long-lost pals etc, my new short animated film. Probably won't make sense if you don't know Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. But please watch it anyway! There's Cowboys and Horses in it :D

Made in Flash CS5. Learnt a lot from this, and had fun too. Wonder what my next animated short project will be? Ah, I don't have to wonder, I know. TMI! Watch this space.


Hey Nicki Hey Nicki!

Today I drew a picture of Nicki Minaj. That is all.


Cowboy and Cowgirl :D

COWBOY AND COWGIRL Gonna herd your cows and drink your whiskey!

Gonna be releasing my cowboy-related mini film soon... tell your friends. :D



Painting! Tigers! Women! That's all I like.


Angry Gallop!

I animated a horse, hooray! It dawned on me a few hours in to this that I'd never animated a horse before. Well I don't think I have... My brain is fried right now, so maybe I have. There's some stuff going wrong in this but to be honest, I don't want to look at it any more, and I like what's going right in it. HOORAY FOR HORSES!

Animated in Flashhhhh, the more I get the program the more I like it. It still manages to kick me in the boobs every now and then though.

Hopefully more animation to follow to fill out my new reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel



I decided it's high time I learnt some Proper Illustrator Stuff. A mishmash of tutorials lead to this. I'm well pleased because it's so much better than any of my other attempts! Illustrator is a tricksy program, but I'm gonna beat it... Damnit if I can tame Cel Action I can tame you Illustrator!!! I love Pugs, especially ones in tuxedos. Now time for some lunch and some sunshine!