Nadiya wins Bake Off!

So like most of the UK population I got a little obsessed with The Great British Bake Off. Nadiya is a winner and a complete hero! So I drew her and some of her signature bakes. :)

Watercolour Gifts!

For my final month working on Bean, I stayed with some seriously lovely folks. Here are the thank you cards I sent once production was all over!


Behind the Scenes of Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

I've been working on series 2 of Mr. Bean: The Animated Series since February 2014. Here are some videos from the Mr. Bean Youtube channel which detail how we made the series at Tiger Aspect!

The Story Of Mr. Bean:

The Production Crew: (I'm in this one!)

Storyboard to Full Animation- "Fish Sitting":

Storyboard to Full Animation- "Litterbugs":

Rowan Atkinson Voice Recording Session:

A Day in the Animation Studios:

That's a lot of Behind-The-Scenes-Bean! If there's more videos, I'll post them here.
Happy Sunday!


Mr. Bean The Animated Series- NEW episode out Feb 16th!

Since February 2014, I've been working on Mr Bean: The Animated Series with a tremendous bunch of very talented and wonderful people! And it's been a blast.

The first episode from the new series will be aired on CITV at 9.25am and 4.15pm. The episode is called "Home Movie", which is one of the episodes I worked on. Very exciting!


Pug sketches

I wanted to start making an animatic today for my new personal project, but crazy, non-stop crashing Flash soon put an end to that. :(

So, instead, ended up doing some character sketches.