HOWDY HEY! Been trying to learn this whole new-fangled 'Digital Painting' I've heard so much about. I'm talking no pencil lines in the finished product, just like... full on digital...stuff. Ahem.

I watched a few tutorials for this, the most useful one was mostly about how much you can edit brushes and what all the different doofers in the brush settings do. It took me until I was about 15 hours in to figure out how to make the brushes work for me in a way I could control and do half-decently. When I got over that hurdle, things began to speed up and get fun, which is like... whooo!! I've got my WIPs all up in here. I think they're interesting, because I like seeing progress mostly! Also I'm really glad I didn't go for the crazy Gaga flamethrower boobs I had drawn in the first sketch... baby steps...



MILKY D Storyboards

Sup folks! I've been drawing a lot recently, hurray! Bits o' painting, designing and boarding. Boarding has been fun! This is the start of a very stupid idea I had for a short animated film. I don't plan on making it, but felt it was a good exercise to board something that originated from my weird head.

The whole idea basically revolves around the fact that my housemate was rather partial to Nurishment and how I thought Yazoo was a really gay sounding milk drink...